Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Italians and Flippy Dippy Dolphins

Here are some character sketches for the film I just finished for work! I'm basically posting semi old stuff b/c I have only been running around these days and not sketching. This is going to continue (the running around part) since I'm traveling most of the month! Whoo! And I'll be starting a new job in Brooklyn begining of next month! NY inspires me with all it's chaos, so I'll take advantage of the hustle and bustle (and long subway commutes) to hopefully get some sketching done ^_^.

Till then! I'm off to Toronto--->North Carolina--->Chicago---->Manhattan! Ciao!

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CatBailey said...

Your work is so amazing! I love all your animation. As an aspiring animation student (I haven't even gotten to the student stage...blah), I'm really inspired by your work! There aren't any animation schools where I live, so I'm stuck in graphic design. Still, I can look at the work of others in certain awe and amazement. Can't wait to see more!!!