Sunday, June 14, 2009


"I dreamed you were a cosmonaut
of the space between our chairs
And I was a cartographer
of the tangles in your hair"
-from 'Armchairs' by Andrew Bird
I'm not tired yet, so this comes out. Andrew Bird writes beautiful lyrics and I destroy them with strange pictures.


Matthew Kalinauskas said...

Thanks Abby!

Yeah bros and chicks... one loves to hate 'em. These are nice sketches. I havn't stopped by in a while. Nice stuff :)

Alina Chau said...

Fun illo!!

Edo Avenir said...

thanks for the comment on my griffins lol. The satan spawn comment made me chuckle! I'm still in ottawa for now, but i'll be moving back to toronto area by end of summer, hopefully find a job there. I'm going to try and work on a portfolio/demo reel to have done by end of summer =)

Wesley Blondin said...
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SilverSkye said...

It's like, space-girl-from-the-future tries to woo an old english dude! OMG reminds me of the wierd time craziness in dr who! ^_^ I like the mood set by the lighting!

Also reminds me of the manger scene I want to make my mom, of the Holy Family in cute space suits with the fishbowls on their heads <3