Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I went on a sketching scavenger hunt around Manhattan today. Something I plan to do more of.
You should try it!

Here's how: List a bunch of things to collect. Cut them into strips of paper. Put them in a hat. Pick out 10 or so. Then GO!

Some examples of mine:

1. Something burned
2. Something over
3. Something under
4. Something that won't shut up
5. Something trying to be something else

Or whatever you think of. It's fun to hunt them down.


Bruckaroni said...

This is a pretty cool idea. Thanks Abbey!

Halya said...

I'm so doing it.

Kevin Bradshaw said...

What a great idea. We'll worth doing.

Mitch K said...

That sounds like fuuuun! :D

Felipe Siem said...

sounds like a reall fun idea.